Self-Help, How to Find Your Best Job Opportunities?

Aristotle said “Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work”, this and many other sayings encourage individuals to do what they love and love what they do in order to achieve excellence. In reality, it is very hard to find the perfect job for you and to enjoy it, yet doing our best to achieve this goal can get us to our aim or even a better one. A job seeker should explore almost all the available options, approach them in the best way possible, and above all be prepared to market his/her skills and talents in the best way possible.

Here is a set of steps to help seek and prepare for the best opportunities:

  1. Earn a degree, a good one

Iraq is not a developed country, yet it is a developing one; therefore the level of skills required to reconstruct the country is rising. Besides that, Iraq is facing the entry of a lot of international companies; these companies’ standards are international standards and Iraqi should seek that required level of education.

  1. Develop your assets

Well, earning a good degree is the base, yet there are supplementary skills. Now companies require set of talents like computer skills, team work, communication and many other skills. Now the focus is on the overall personality; a certificate is no longer the only determining factor.

  1. Discover all your opportunities:

There are multiple ways to find the best job for you. Companies’ websites, job websites, but the best one is personal connections. Job websites are becoming one of the 21st century strongest tools. There are many that offer jobs in Iraq like: Mselect, Iraq Yellow Pages and many others. Yet job websites do not beat personal connection and there effectiveness; personal connections can present you to undiscovered opportunities.

  1. Sell yourself:

You have earned the degree, added the skills and found your opportunity; now put all this together and be prepared to market yourself in the best way possible. A good C.V, a well-directed cover letter and above all learning some interview tricks will be sufficient.

  1. Monitoring:

I consider this the most important step; whether you achieved your goal or not, it is important to look back and evaluate. It is important to know what you did in a good way and what you did in a bad way; then keep the good ones and work on your least strong points.

In order to achieve what you want in life you have to work hard and enjoy, enjoy your job but above all enjoy the process of preparing yourself to get your opportunity.

By: Safa Fadhil