Politics, politics, and politics, the fundamental topic of our days , and the standard we use for evaluating the characters of those around us. One of the most famous terms that is in our brain is the word of “politics”, but why? Because it is in our blood. When a child is born and relatives come to congratulate the parents, their main conversation is about politics. Instead of thinking about a nice and reasonable name for the child, and talking about his/her future, “politics” overcomes the room and their discussions. They talk about the role of the government, parliament, and political parties, which one has the dominant power over others; all these are internal issues. However, in a broad way, they talk about the relation of Kurdistan Regional Government and political parties with other countries, especially, nowadays, the relation with Turkey and the oil contracts with that country. Moreover, now the discussion has moved to a new topic, which is Constitution and election. First, the Draft of KRG Constitution is on everyone’s tongue; it does not matter whether you are a child, teenager, adult, or an old man and woman, just talk about it. It is your right to talk about it even if you do not read the draft! A few days ago, one of the Kurdish Channels talked about the children are working on the streets. The reporter interviewed a child and the question was, “Who made you work?” and in response he said, “If the Constitution returns to the Parliament, I am sure no one will go to the next election.” How strange it is, a 15 year old child talks about the Constitution! I am sure he got that idea from his family and the discussions that took place at home.

Sometimes the word “politics” creates conflicts between brothers, relatives, and friends. For example, in the case of the issue of elections, some people say the ruling parties in Kurdistan will get the majority of the votes; others say that one of the ruling parties will dominate the next Parliament; some people believe that this time the opposition party can control the Parliament and the government. However, the rest of the people prefer to stay silent and wait for result of the election. Who is right? Who is going to win? This is unknown and the outcome will come out in the future after the elections. Nevertheless, the funniest thing is most of these people do not have any knowledge about politics and they never read the draft of constitution, but because everyone else talks about it, they feel that they must talk about it too. If you go to the schools, universities, bazaars, public libraries, and governmental institutions, it is clear that the dominating topic of discussion is about the draft of constitution in the parliament and the outcomes of the next election; that is why we cannot find the actual politician and experts in politics. All the noise creates loud bubbles that destroy what is in the best interest of the people. In addition, sometimes when we hear explanations about the constitution and elections from experts, we do not believe them rather, we simply choose to believe what we want to believe because of our lack of knowledge concerning the matter.

That is correct… talking about politics is a global issue, but why should children lose their innocence by being thrown into a pond of dirty liquid that only ends up making their paths and their journeys a slippery road. We should all be a part of politics and the political changes that take up space in our lives, but we cannot let politics belittle our existence and take over our beliefs. Our political perspectives must only be one of our many multitudes and not our sole existence.

By: Haval Mustafa