Chalak’s Place

chalak awatNow open on Slemani’s most popular Salem Street, Chalak Café is the new cool place to go in town, and has been open now for a few months. The venue used to be an antique house, where some of the city’s most treasured artifacts were kept and sold. The antique house used to be one of the must go places for tourists, and Chalak’s new interior design still stays true to most of the old antique house’s design theme, being very cozy and traditional.

The service you get at Chalak’s is worth mentioning to say the least. The staff is very friendly, and are there to make sure you’ll have a first-hand experience of Kurdish hospitality. The environment is cozy, there is good music playing in the background including a lot of classic Kurdish songs.

“For me, this house combines the only two jobs that I’ve ever done in my life, food making and interior design. This house is not a business, this house is my passion.” said Chalak Salar, the owner of Chalak’s café, and that care and passion does show the minute you walk in. Here guarantees it that an evening spent at Chalak’s will be time enjoyably spent.

Pictured is the Rosemary Chicken dish. It comes with two sides, baked potatoes and green salad.  This scrumptious healthy dish is priced at 17,000 Iraqi Dinars.


By: Shena Dlshad Qaradaghi