The World Kurdish Congress 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.

WKC-2013On the 11th to the 13th of October this year, organized in partnership with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the 3rd World Kurdish Congress was conducted. This year there was an overwhelming number of Academic research submitted to the board for the selection of the presentations. Therefore a poster presentation section was added for those who weren’t selected to present in the panels.  There were 8 panel sessions and 32 posters present.

The goal of the WKC 2013 was to continue last year’s successful congress held in Hewler to discuss cutting edge scientific, economic, cultural, and health programs that will provide a solid foundation for the future of Kurdistan.  The World Kurdish Congress’s held every year aim to focus upon bringing academic and scientific solutions to current challenges within Kurdistan. The forum in Stockholm further strengthened the unification of Kurdistan as it continues to develop into a progressive and modern society, providing peace and prosperity in the Middle East.

The topics covered in this congress included hearing about other successful diaspora communities such as the Greeks and the Jews and what lessons we can learn from their experience. We were joined by Natan Sharansky former deputy Prime Minister of Israel and also Jim Karygiannnis Federal Member of Parliament in Canada of Greek background. We also heard about great solutions to the state of Agriculture and water resources in Kurdistan. We were joined by the KRG’s Minister for agriculture and water resources, Mr Serwan Baban. The science of Healthcare treatment panel cover3d a wide range of topics such as breast cancer, infectious diseases, rehabilitation and an electronic data system for patients.

The state of higher education in Kurdistan was another informative session with professors from the USA, Australia and Kurdistan. Peace and Democracy in Kurdistan covered national, social and cultural security for the Kurdish people. Politics, power sharing and nation building was also another very important session with key-note speaker Michael Gunter from the USA. The congress was concluded with a session about the future direction of the congress and also suggestions from participants and the audience about improving future conferences.  WKC2013

The World Kurdish Congress brings together Kurdish academics and friends of the Kurds from all over the world in one place to discuss the future of a prospering nation and how to build or society to make sure our people get the best they deserve in all aspects of living. With every congress that is conducted all over the world we can be assured that the contribution to Kurdistan continues on every level. As Foreign Minister Falah Bakir stated at this conference, “United we win, divided we lose.”

By: Tara Fatehi