Want Better Healthcare? It Begins Here

      The emergency hospital in Sulaimania is often overcrowded. One of the reasons is that it’s the only one in the whole city, so how could it not be? However, the second main reason is due to the lack of knowledge by the general public on how to use the health care system.

     Here is a brief guide on where to go when you have a medical issue. The main point of this article is to create a little awareness about how to use the healthcare system.

      The main emergency hospital is the one located next to the surgical teaching hospital (xastaxanay ferkary), this emergency department has 2 filters before a patient is admitted.

     The first and most crowded filter is the patient reception; here patients with emergency conditions are received. A cough, sore throat or itchy skin is not an emergency. This is the main reason our emergency department is overcrowded and patient service not optimum. A broken limb, car accident, bleeding of large amounts from any area, a heart attack, fainting, etc, these are emergencies. And our emergency department is very well equipped to deal with these.

      The next filter is the heart disease department, the surgical emergency department, and the medical emergency department, where the patient is admitted for a few hours, then treated and managed according to the condition. At these places the patient is either admitted for a longer period or sent home depending on whether they have improved or not.

      If you have a medical condition that has existed for more than a day the best place to go is the Ali Kamal clinic. This clinic is government run and has senior doctors who see the patients during the day. Here all types of patients can be seen, from children to elderly, from skin conditions to stomach problems. This clinic stays open from 8.30am-12pm and starts again from 2.30pm till about 5pm. For people who suffer minor problems after these hours there are small medical centers located in each community where a junior doctor is provided 24hours, including on holidays.

    For all conditions associated with the eye, we have large, very well equipped eye hospital in Qrga, called Shahid Aso.

      If you have a child with a medical or surgical problem, unless it’s a broken limb or head injury, we have the children’s hospital, where newborns up til the age of 12 year olds are seen and managed at this hospital.

    For any problem concerning female issues, we have the obstetric and gynecological hospital. This hospital has its own outpatient clinic every morning and afternoon, so any problems concerning pregnancy and many other female conditions are managed at this hospital. They have their own lab, pharmacy, and radiologist.

  If we exclude all these types of patients, from minor medical issues, children under 12, and pregnant females, then there isn’t a huge category left for the emergency department to handle, thus resulting in better patient care and a more organized health care system.

    We have to admit that we have a long way to go regarding our health system, but if we are more oriented about our own health and how our system works, it’s a small step towards helping our health care system  get better.