Monthly Archive: December, 2013

Conference on Kurdish Women

       On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of November 2013 the 3rd Conference on Kurdish Women in East Kurdistan ‘Rojhelat’ was held in London. The aims of this conference were to discuss and… Continue reading

London Kurdish Film Festival 2013

       The London Kurdish Film Festival has become an annual event amongst Kurds in London and this year marks the 8th year since its initiation. This year’s program started on the 15th of November… Continue reading

The Assyrians Make a Come Back at the Capital

       Radio Ashur, is an Assyrian local radio station based in Erbil in the Ankawa area. The radio itself was initiated at the hands of and belongs to the Assyrian Democratic Movement Party.… Continue reading

News December

Housing for Terror Victims          The Ministry of Construction and Housing announced the start of the project to build housing units for victims of terrorism. The total number of housing units is 2500… Continue reading

No Shave November

        The month of the year that all guys look forward to and rejoice when it arrives is November. During this month, all males participating in this daring challenge will have to stop… Continue reading

Why you should have a LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is a professional network, not a social network. The goal of this network is to establish professional connections that can help you now or in the future. Here is how this network… Continue reading


Movie Review        Princess Diana of Wales is an enigmatic woman whose life and influence continue to intrigue us even today, many years after her tragic death at a young age. It is therefore… Continue reading

Awat Anniversary

Three years ago, Awat newspaper was just a vision. A vision for a group of young people, some still in highschool, and some barely out of highschool. We had no resources, very little… Continue reading

12 Years A Slave

        Discrimination and racism are two of the world’s biggest problems that are still existent to this day. 12 years a slave, directed by Steve McQueen, is a movie that follows the journey… Continue reading

Slemani’s Birthday

         On the 14th of November of each year the people of Slemani and Kurdistan region celebrate the establishment of their beloved city. This year was not different as various music bands held… Continue reading