Why you should have a LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is a professional network, not a social network. The goal of this network is to establish professional connections that can help you now or in the future. Here is how this network can help you:

1- Allow you to broaden your base

       LinkedIn allows you to be a global citizen. People usually have connections with professionals within their environment, schools, organization, workplace and so on. Yet with LinkedIn you can know people who live on the other end of the world and might offer critical opportunities for you.

2- Introduce more efficient way to increase your knowledge

       Many mangers, CEOs, CFOs, and even authors have LinkedIn profiles these people publish their thoughts, findings, achievements and the major activities in their professional life. As a result, by following these people you will have access to world news and improvements that might consume more time to get access to in usual news websites or newspapers.

3- Allow you to market you own product, yourself

       On LinkedIn you can upload your resume, your master thesis, recommendation letters and your projects, beside that you can also list your awards. Simply, you can find space to fit most of your achievements. As a result, LinkedIn is a very useful tool to display your achievements and compete in the market.

4- Offers a more effective job search

       Usually how it works in Iraq is you have someone who knows someone who needs an accountant, the problem with this method is that it is time consuming and it doesn’t introduce you to the best opportunity out there. People on LinkedIn offer their vacancies before they even approach external hiring entities so you will have a first scoop. Also vacancies that are published on LinkedIn have a full description of the job, duties, payment and so on. So you got the information in a timely manner with sufficient details, what more could you ask for?

5- Enable you to organize professional relationships

        Sustaining your relationships with people you know from a job search or from your own work place is challenging, yet LinkedIn offers a solution. It is hard to stay in-touch with professional people because you don’t want to add them on Facebook, because that is your personal space, and also you can’t regularly email them because that is too professional. So LinkedIn is the median that allows exposure to the upside of your personal life in a friendly manner but not too friendly. As a result LinkedIn will enable you to separate your personal life and professional life, and organize your professional connections through one network.