No Shave November

        The month of the year that all guys look forward to and rejoice when it arrives is November. During this month, all males participating in this daring challenge will have to stop using a razor for the whole month. No Shave November takes place every year in November as a way of raising awareness of cancer, because the patients that are diagnosed with cancer and take chemo cannot grow any hair. The participants of the challenge should not buy any shaving related tools or equipment in November, and at the end of the month, they can donate the money they collected. Some people who contribute to the challenge may face problems with their jobs, schools, and colleges. These occupations might not allow a beard for the whole month, forcing them to shave it off. Another complication would be the unhygienic beard growing all throughout the month. In conclusion, I think it’s a beneficial dare that should take place in our city too, even though most people might not know about it.

Written by: Rozh Aram

From: Slemani, Kurdistan