Time Management Tips

Time Management

“Time is the scarcest resource; and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed,” said Peter F. Drucker, an American Management Consultant.

Time management is one of the pillars of any successful business or businessman. Learning to evaluate tasks, organize them in hierarchal order in terms of importance and then allocating time to accomplish them are crucial business skills. Here is a set of tips to help you reach that aim:

    1. Prioritize

    Preparing a To-Do list is one step but learning to put important things first is a better skill to acquire. People would argue that they have to do everything so all the tasks are important; well not really! These are the factors that affect the priority of a task:

    • Time factor (when is it required?)

    • Necessity factor (how important the task is to business success?)

    • Opportunity Cost factor (what you have to give up doing this task?)

    1. Perform the whole task

    After considering the task you want to accomplish, do it fully and perfectly. Doing half of the job wastes your time. Do it or don’t do it at all.

    1. Say No

    Learn to say no, when you actually can’t. Being nice and approving other people’s requests will require making a new list and once that list is too long, no one will win, it will turn into a lose-lose situation.

    1. Eliminate distractions

    Yes, I am talking about your cell phone and your Facebook account. Answering all your Whatsaap messages among many other stuff will distract you; your mind won’t be task-oriented which will result in not finishing the task or in taking longer than you should to do so.

    1. Evaluate

    Well, no one is right all the time. You can always check what worked for you and what didn’t work; then you can revise. Evaluating and monitoring are key to success in every scenario so try to take advantage of observing the end results.


    By: Safa Fadhil Al-Sultani