How I Met This Show


Those of us who are watching How I Met Your Mother are used to a new episode every week, and whether that episode is about Barney accepting a challenge, Ted screwing up his chances with a girl, Marshall fighting for recyclable energy, or everything combined, we’re happy. We’ve grown with the characters for the past eight years, and now that the show is drawing to an end, we will be looking forward to the show’s resolution. But then again, the day the last episode airs will be an emotional one; it won’t be easy to say goodbye to five people who have been virtually in our lives for such a long time.
The show started in September of 2005, and since then its fan base has grown and diversified more and more with every passing episode. HIMYM’s main theme is the difficulty of finding a good life nowadays and sometimes it did push the envelope to point out genuine flaws about a certain girl Ted or Barney dated, or a certain man Robin dated, but the end result was always good.
A second theme of the show is, like many other sitcoms, friendship. The friendship theme is such an overused theme in modern sitcoms, but few shows include it as well as HIMYM has. Although it is used so well, it does become a tad banal in one or more episodes, but again, as with the first theme, you do enjoy the end product.
The show was very centered on the New York life style at earlier seasons, but lately that’s been decreasing. It’s now more generalized; perhaps they did this to attract themselves to more viewers.
Now that the show is edging to its final minutes, I can’t help but feel a little worried about how I will cope with the ending of something that’s been in my life for about three years now (I didn’t start watching till early 2011). And can’t help wonder if there are going to be any more twists in the tale. But no matter how or what it will end on, I think we will all appreciate the fact that it was there in the first place.

By: Zheel Shwani
From: Mors, Denmark