138 Cases of Rape

138 cases of Rape Recorded in Kurdistan Region. Aras AhmedOriginally published on KNNC.com

According to the annual report issued by the Women’s Legal Assistance Organization (WOLA) at a press conference, there were 138 cases of rape in the Iraqi Kurdistan in 2013.

Slemani came first while Duhok had the second highest recorded case and Hawler, the capital city of the region, was third. 5307 cases of violence against women were also recorded.

Shokhan Hama Rashid, a member of WOLA, said that one of the organization’s‌ recommendations is implementing a clear mechanism to take care of victims and therefore they are in need of some committees to supervise those victims.

“These committees have a lot of work to do and therefore need guidance and information and it is necessary to know who the members are, how they operate and what their aims are, as well as how influential they are” Shokhan explained.

The Ministry of the Interior decided in 2013 to open units to oppose violence against women in the three provinces of Hawler, Slemani and Duhok and open Chambers of Investigation in the towns of the Kurdistan region to raise awareness.

Izadeen Abdullah, Legal Consultant for the Directorate of Violence Against Women, said that ten offices were created in the provinces and three additional offices were opened after the Ministry of Interior issued the decision.

WOLA states that one of the reasons behind the increasing cases of violence against women is the ease with which guns can be accessed. They ask for laws that prevent people from holding guns.

Tavga Rauf, member of WOLA, says that women‌’s organizations always try to put an end to the phenomena of holding guns at homes and that can only be achieved through issuing formal laws.

WOLA also express their concerns about the weak stance of the courthouses across the region in opposing violence against women when women file a complaint, and that the court has not decided on many cases of rape and violence against women.

WOAL also says that 50 women were killed, suicide cases numbered 36, those burnt numbered 236, self-burning was 113, and a total of 4811 legal complaints were recorded. 

By Aras Ahmed Mhamad
From Sulaimany, Iraq