7 Things to Avoid to Lose Weight Faster

        Again, it is that time of the year when we all start cutting off our diets and start hitting the gyms more often, because let’s face it; everyone loves a toned healthy body in the hotter seasons. Sometimes we try really hard and still seem to have trouble putting off the weight, and we might wonder, what exactly am I doing wrong? One way to think about it is that our body functions very differently from everyone else’s. Just because a certain diet or workout plan has worked efficiently for a friend, doesn’t mean it will work the same way for everyone else. But that is not the case every time, sometimes; you might be doing things that might be hard on your body without even noticing. Avoiding these things will be great help in losing weight in a faster and healthier way. Below are few of the most common mistakes we should try to avoid.


7 Things to Avoid to Lose Weight Faster


  1. Keeping the Sweets Around. –Perhaps you have already been told a lot to stay away from the sweets. When you decide to take the road of a healthier diet you might want to get rid of everything that might trigger your appetite and by everything, we mean the “sweets”. Those delicious chocolate bars, strawberry cake, and baklavas in your fridge might need to get the hell out! Even if you intend on not eating them, your inner fat self will eventually get the better of your healthy determined self and make you eat them.
  2. A Bad Meal is the End of My Diet! –Let’s say you had a few friends over, and you decided to order pizza. Yes, you just had one whole cheesy pizza by yourself, and yes your body won’t thank you for it, but that is not the worst thing that could happen to your diet. The worst thing is caving in and giving up your whole diet because of that one unhealthy meal.
  3. More TV Hours? –The more we sit in front of the TV, the more snacks we crave. We can’t expect to watch TV for 3 hours and not eat anything, we will, and when we do, we will eat mindlessly and carelessly, unaware of what and how much we consume. So it is best to stay away from the TV as much as possible.
  4. Salad is always a good food choice! –Wrong, and wrong! We have heard the myth that we can never go wrong with a nice salad for dinner or lunch. That is very far from the true. The dressing of the salad alters the benefits of the salad a lot, and that is where we must watch out. It is best to avoid the super rich, creamy dressings such as the Caesar dressing, or at least put on the least amount possible.
  5. Post Workout Treats! –Yes, we all like rewarding ourselves for hard work, and yes it isn’t a bad thing to appreciate what you do, but sometimes we might be pushing it. A great day at the gym doesn’t mean a nice burger meal for dinner. Acknowledge the amount of calories you burn and how much more you’d be taking in that way, or else, you are just undermining your own hard work.
  6. Late Night Snacks –Nothing can be more tragic than munching snacks late at night. Your mind slows down the function of your body during the night, so consuming a snack at night is twice as bad, because the body is too inactive and needs twice as time to digest it. Hence it’ll store the energy as fat.
  7. Avoiding Breakfast –Some of us think of it as a wise decision to skip a meal, particularly breakfast. Once again, this is a very crucial mistake in our diet. Breakfast is very essential; it speeds up your metabolic rate and keeps you from excessive eating through out the day. It also gets you kicking and activates your brain receptors, resulting in a more energetic day.