No More Laziness: Time to Get UP

     What is this: it has two arms, two legs, a head, and two eyes, has the privilege of using technological advancements? Did you guess what it is? No? It’s a lazy human.

    Let’s face it, life has become so easy for us, us in the better parts of the world anyway, that we fail to see how what we deemed useful, helpful, and overall brilliant are now turning into vices, and not small ones like making bubbles with your gum, but big ones that can ruin lives. Granted, I don’t want to condemn everyone of misuse, but the ugly truth is more than half of us are letting these privileges ruin and slow down our lives perilously; we put off work for “just one last YouTube video”, we postpone jogging because we haven’t yet seen the next episode of our favorite show, or shows if you’re in too deep.

     The latest technological releases are affecting us mentally and physically. I can’t help but picture the people in the animated movie Wall-E every time I think of what humanity will look like in fifty years. Heck! It’s already happening: people sitting behind their computer screens for hours at a time, eating junk food, and becoming more obese.

No More Laziness, Time to Get Up


    As a regular jogger, football player, writer, and reader, I find it difficult to accept this is as the epitome of what we can be; we are vouchsafing ourselves, and future generations, a murky and unpleasant reality where life is unsafe, unhealthy, tough, and quite frankly, unbearable. We might end up sitting on portable chairs looking at screens (or holograms) for the remainder of our existence. Yes, I’m talking about the mainstream population, not the athletes, scientists, writers, and leaders, but at the end of the day the mainstream population is the biggest population and has an elephantine effect on the course of this race’s coming days.

    The matter is still in its start, I’m not Paul the Octopus; I can’t predict the future, but all signs lead to the confirmation of what I’m stating. The ambiguity is there, but if we keep going like this, we might as well clear all doubt. It’s not a done deal, it’s still revertible, and it should be reverted, before that obese lazy human becomes the norm, and us, those refusing that norm, become vagabonds, searching for somewhere we can fit in, and subsequently eloping with our beliefs and creating a different society. But that shouldn’t be all there is to a race as advanced and developed as mankind; we’ve been striving for better since the dawn of time. Improvement is printed on our genetic material, so why swim against the tides, tides of gold, and impair an improvement that we have been biologically and consciously fighting for since we’ve been here?  

By: Zheel Shwani