Save Shingal Event


Save Shangal Event.Kazho.Awat1      Recently, a group of volunteers decided to come together and collect donations for the Internally Displaced Person’s (IDP’s) of Shingal. They proposed the idea to Kurdistan Save the Children (KSC) and the organization accepted their proposal, and asked the volunteers to choose a place to collect the donations. The volunteers who consisted of a couple of people from different ethnicities and religions started the campaign with sponsorship from KSC. The event started on – and ran from the 10th through the 14th of August in front of Rand Gallery Mall in Sulaimani.

       The volunteers announced – and received support for- the event through social media of all sorts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They accepted donations of all kinds (clothes, children’s needs, women’s needs, food, and money). The volunteers shared flyers on the streets with people who walked by and explained the situation in Shingal. Through this, they were able to raise awareness about the cause, get money for the ones in need, and help KSC to collect more donations from people. Locals were very welcoming about the idea of aiding the people in need. Many people would stop by not only to give donations but also to thank the volunteers and share their concerns about what’s happening in the region with them.

      By the end of the event, the volunteers were not only able to collect a lot of donations and deliver it to the people of Shingal through KSC, they were also able to make new friendships with people who share the same interest of helping those who are in need. The event is currently over but Kurdistan Save the Children is still collecting donations and they don’t have any plans for stopping their aid until this humanitarian crisis is over.  

Save Shangal Event.Kazho.Awat


By: Kazho Muhsin