The Importance of Personal Self-Development

       In the few months that I’ve been here in Sulamania, I’ve observed great aspects of the city. I’ve also witnessed potential for the city to improve and develop into a region to be known for its excellence.

The Importance of Personal Self

       As students with goals to pursue successful careers, we need to focus on our personal development. If we neglect the importance of our personal development, we may regret that we haven’t paid enough attention to our dreams. It’s important to recognize our personal flaws to be able to improve and become productive and efficient performing students. We can improve our performance by taking a look at those who have previously succeeded in their lives and take them as our role models.


       Wise and successful people tend to do something that others may view to be crazy or insane, and that is they simply talk to themselves. They understand that nothing in this life is constantly stable, that things in our lives are always changing. The way to be on top of things is to always refer back to yourself to understand what is going on in your life. Also, to focus on who you have to become and how you want to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

       Why do powerful individuals ask themselves questions? They need to do this in order to make adjustments to their daily goals that change over time. The following are eight questions you may want to ask yourself retrieved from Elitedaily by Paul Hudson:  

  1. Where is my focus targeted for the day? In the mornings we tend to crawl out of bed, and go through the routine of getting ready and making it to work or school on time. Mornings are very important because they set the mood for the entire day. If you get out of bed wobbling with no energy, then you’re likely to continue this trend through out your day. We’ve all been through this. You should get up in the morning and reassess with yourself your goals and your focus. Although we have many tasks that need to be completed each day, there should be one main focus for the day ahead.
  1. What personal achievement do I want to achieve next? Life is about doing and living, and not necessarily working 24/7. Ask yourself what is the next thing you would like to achieve work-related or non-work-related. Achievements don’t only lie in the work that you do, they also lie in your personal life. Never stop achieving and you’ll never stop living.
  2. What negative habits can I avoid? There are various reasons why we all carry out bad habits in our everyday lives. But it takes a bit of concentration to get rid of these habits and substitute them with good ones. Wise people often remind themselves that they are human and are prone to poor habits and ask themselves which of these bad habits can I avoid today. Avoid your bad habits for a sufficient amount of time and they no longer can be labeled as habits!
  3. What mistakes should I have learned a lesson from? Every single one of us makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them. We need to reflect on those mistakes from time to time and constantly remind ourselves of the lessons we learned from them. If we don’t we will continue implementing those mistakes, with the same negative results.
  4. What new mistakes am I willing to make? Mistakes are a huge part of the learning process. Wise people understand mistakes are meant to happen. They also understand that knowing what mistakes you are willing to make and what you are willing to risk will make life a lot simpler and less stressful.
  5.  How is my health level?
    The more we are involved in our work, we become more busy and have little time for other activities. But, we can’t operate like this, performing work and nothing else. We need to make time for healthy habits such as exercising and eating healthy meals. This also includes having healthy sleeping habits. When staying on top of your health, your health won’t get in the way of your daily productivity and efficiency.
  6. Am I still on the right track? While at times in our lives we are caught up with too many things and lose sight of the road we should have been on. This is why we should construct checkpoints for ourselves, based on time or achievements- so that when life does take us on a rough path, we are able to bring ourselves back on track.
  7. Is my end goal still as important to me today as it was yesterday? Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up with everyday life and lose sight of what we really want. Our wants and preferences may change. And therefore, this should be reflected in our goals and aspirations. As you experience life, you change, and so you must adjust. Successful people are determined to follow their dreams that will ultimately make them happy.  If your perspective changes, then don’t be afraid to embrace your new goals!

By: Medea Rasheed.