Monthly Archive: October, 2014

What Would You Do If You Were President?

If I were President… ‘If I were President’ is a phrase that litters many a conversation in the Kurdish community. As a child I would always wonder whether a group of ‘grown-up’ Kurds… Continue reading

The Power of Thought

Have you ever contemplated how powerful the thoughts that occupy your mind really are? … “You are what you think.” It may just be one of the most hauntingly true clichés of the… Continue reading

Overwhelming Aspect of Teaching in Kurdish Culture

  Teaching should go beyond giving advice. Teachers, as well as giving guidance, should provide a warm, encouraging, comfortable environment where humor, supportive feedback, lesson planning, regular meeting with parents, and checking progress… Continue reading

A Life Without a Cause is a Life Without an Effect

A few days ago, I saw a post on one of my friends’ wall on Facebook saying, “I was born to die.” A negative status like that is definitely one of the biggest… Continue reading

The Odyssey

         Renowned as one of the most famous masterpieces of literature around the globe, The Odyssey is an epic poem that establishes the morals of patience and modesty in the heart of… Continue reading

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

         When I decided to read the alchemist, I started turning the first few pages and that’s where the authors note appeared. I saw the most powerful speech written in a letter. The… Continue reading

Fenek Restaurant, Grand Millenium Restaurant review

  The newly opened Grand Millennium protrudes proudly from the heart of the bustling city of Sulaimaniyah, Iraq. This new and modern hotel is home to many great facilities for the public to… Continue reading

World War One: Do We Ever Learn From the Mistakes of the Past?

The world that we have inherited is a product of everything that has preceded us; the wars, the treaties, the alliance, the traditions, the cultures, the nations, the people, the kings, the queen,… Continue reading

Behind the Eyes of a Refugee

Since the appearance of IS, Iraqi people have been livingin panic and pressure from all aspects. Our lives have become difficult; you can see the signs of depression and hopelessness on people’s faces.… Continue reading

Kurdish Lean In; Get the Lean In Book and Make a Change

You might’ve seen your friends or acquaintances hashtag ‘KurdsLeanIn’ on Facebook and twitter. You might have also wondered what the fuss is about and what it is you’re missing out on. Well, I… Continue reading