A Life Without a Cause is a Life Without an Effect


A few days ago, I saw a post on one of my friends’ wall on Facebook saying, “I was born to die.” A negative status like that is definitely one of the biggest enemies for every positive thought and energy that one can have.

I sat down for a while staring at that short phrase wondering and thinking. Then I realized that although there are many fabulous positive premises to think of, we always try to keep an eye out for the negative and bad points, whether these points are about other people, things, or events.

We are always attracted to the dark side of life, ignoring or sometimes even forgetting about the beautiful and colorful side of the picture. Humans always tend to view their world through one color while they have more than 7 colors to choose from. Most people tend to choose either white or black when they have a combination of colors or at least a combination of both white and black.

We need to understand that every single person born on this planet was born for a reason; that reason might be change the world or to make a difference. And we need to stop being judgmental about ourselves and others.

When we understand the fact that we are born for a reason, we start to think of what we really want to achieve in life. We start dreaming and plan out how to make these dreams into realities. By achieving our goals, we can change people, societies, and the whole world.

Some of us might not be as lucky as others are, but at least we should recognize they we should still be grateful for having what other people might not have. Weneed to remember that we are all blessed by being humans who can work and achieve great things first for ourselves, then to others who are share life with us.

Let’s all remember we are all here for a cause, because if we forget our cause we can’t be productive and effective to our families and our societies. So be positive and change the negative phrase from “I was born to die” to “I was born for a cause.”


By: Huda Sarhang

From Erbil, Iraq