Behind the Eyes of a Refugee

BehindTheEyesOfRefugeeSince the appearance of IS, Iraqi people have been livingin panic and pressure from all aspects. Our lives have become difficult; you can see the signs of depression and hopelessness on people’s faces. Economic progress has started to decline, there is no money, people don’t receive their monthly salaries, and so on. Those of us in Kurdistan are secure and safe, but we don’t know how long this safety is going to last. Sometimes we think that IS is not real and that it’s a nightmare that we will wake up from at some point. We think that because so far we haven’t seen the brutality of IS, and let us pray that we won’t, though I can’t speak the same for the people of Shingal, the Christians and other people groups that had to face the cruelty of IS.  

  We have seen imagines of those who have fallen victim to IS on TV and social media networks like Facebook. We have seen pictures of little children homeless, but we didn’t see how they killed people and raped their women and kidnapped them and how they forced them to leave their homes. Also the families of our Peshmargas are living under the terror of ISIS. Those families live in constant fear, wondering if their Peshmarga sons, husbands, and brothers will ever come back.

     The safety we live in now and our unawareness of what’s really happening are because of our courageous Peshmargas. We have all grieved for what happened with Shingal and we tried to help them as much as possible.. But it was not until two days ago that I knew how those people really live, they have absolutely nothing. I saw a few families sitting under some trees in a very hot dry area where there was no food and water; then I felt true pain, I felt guilty for living so comfortably and having everything I need and still complaining. Those people left their homes, their daughters where raped and kidnapped, what could be more painful and difficult than that?

Those people need all the help they can get. Though our people are helping those refugees in any way they can, donations have been received from all sorts of places, and aid is continuously being sent. Let us all work together side by side get through this rough stage together. The future of our country is in danger, let us stick together and be patient until this IS cancer will end once and for all.


By: Saz Jamal