Chalak’s Charity Event

Chalak's EventExcited about working with Awat’s adopting funder, Awat’s leading members met with Chalak Salar, proud founder of Chalak’s Place at the end of Augustin in order to discuss procedures and future plans for the upcoming months. Awat’s members proposed having another “Cultural Night” at Chalaks since it has proved successful in the past in terms of bringing young people from different backgrounds with different stories together under one roof. Then Kak Chalak boldy suggested, “Why don’t we change the plan this month and hold a charity event for the refugees from Shingal? We can’t all become peshmerga and go to war, but we can at least contribute by helping those who have been displaced.” 
And so within 10 days, Kak Chalak and Awat’s Meer Rashid vigorously planned and worked together to put together Chalak’s Charity Event. The event took place on August 27th at 6 pm. A glass box was placed at Chalak’s door where guests were required to pay an entrance fee, and
write down their names and emails in order to receive updates about what would happen to their donations. Guests were also given envelopes where they could place personal donations.
At 7:00, Lanja Baxewan gave an outstanding performance, beautifully singing a few Kurdish songs. Later on, Kak Chalak put up an auction on some of the prized possessions in his restaurant, including paintings and Sherko Bekas’ jacket. The
guests were gracious and willing to offer large sums of money for the things put up for auction, keeping in mind that all donations would go to the refugees. The night ended with a deliciously prepared buffet by Kak Chalak and his staff.
Chalak’s Charity Event was a success. Thanks to Kak Chalak and Awat family members, a lot of people were able to play a role in aiding the victims of Shingal. The guests were able to enjoy themselves and contribute to the ongoing crisis. It just goes to show that anybody can make a difference, no matter how big or how small. Sometimes the little things that we do are the things that matter.
By: Awat Newspaper