Do you really need an SUV?

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the best cars in the world right now. It is definitely the best supercar in the world right now, with a mix of handling and feel that soul rivals simply can’t match. It also costs over $300,000, which means most of us don’t really care. Most of us want a reliable car that is fuel efficient, comfortable, and of good value for the money, which is why most of us wind up with Toyotas. Now Toyotas are the automotive equivalent of mashed potatoes, they get the job done but aren’t really anything to get passionate about, but I do get the appeal: they are dependable, and cheap to both maintain and run. What I don’t get however is the ridiculously large amount of big Toyota SUV’S that seem to have overrun our streets. Toyota SUV’s are known worldwide for being legendary, desert spec off-roaders, loved for their go-anywhere abilities, but since Sulaimani, as far as I know, is devoid of deserts, I don’t see the point. I know people that live alone in apartments and are big company execs, and own Toyota Land Cruisers they only use on the office run, and the sheer pointlessness of paying over $50,000 for what is basically a car designed for tackling the Sahara desert when you live in Sulaimani irritates me.

I personally don’t think the vast majority of us will ever need any car more than a midsize family estate, and BMW makes such a darn good one in the form of the 3 Series Touring, it baffles me that anyone with a budget over $30,000 could even consider anything else. It is as practical as any SUV for anyone with a family of 4 or 5, is better looking in terms of miles, is more comfortable, has better handling, is more fuel efficient, easier to park, and less of an annoyance to everyone else on the road. The range of engines, including powerful and efficient four pots to a scintillating straight six in the 335i, meet every kind of driver’s needs. The interior is perfectly adequate, and smartly and elegantly laid out. The 3 Series is also more fun to drive than anything in its class, or anything else for that matter in this price range. The catch? None really. Get a 3 Series.


By: Ranew Raza