Fenek Restaurant, Grand Millenium Restaurant review

 Fenek Resturant

The newly opened Grand Millennium protrudes proudly from the heart of the bustling city of Sulaimaniyah, Iraq. This new and modern hotel is home to many great facilities for the public to use, such as swimming pools, gyms, saunas – and fancy restaurants! In fact, there are 5 restaurants to choose from,; the Lebanese restaurant, Beirut that will open soon, the open-buffet Fenek, which offers a variety of foods from all parts of the world, and on the very top floor there is 360, a big rotating restaurant with a full view of the entire city. But are these restaurants as good as they look? Here we’ll take closer look at one of them, the open-buffet Fenek.


Let’s start off with the look: The interior is very nice, a beautiful sleek design with a touch of contemporary art. The sitting places are nicely spaced, with comfortable chairs and tables. The restaurant has a balcony you can walk out on, with some additional outdoor sitting places. From there you have a beautiful view of the city, and also of the swimming pool situated right beneath the restaurant itself. With an elegant design, beautiful view, and great atmosphere, Fenek is definitely a winner in the looks department.


And then, most importantly, what about the food? As stated earlier, Fenek is an open-buffet, meaning one can grab a plate and fill it with an assortment of options laid out on tables, with everything from appetizers to desserts. There’s a wide selection to choose from, with dishes from pretty much every part of the world. You can find Japanese sushi, Greek moussaka, sweet and warm Umm Ali, roasted chicken, rice dishes, grilled salmon, along with many other well-known dishes. And they taste delicious! Having been to Greece once, the moussaka tasted pretty much exactly like the moussaka that would be served in a local Greek restaurant in Rhodes. The fish is delicious, tender, juicy and prepared exactly how a good piece of grilled salmon should be! The appetizers were delicious as well, in particular their tasty, authentic Caesar Salad. For dessert there are many cakes, puddings and fruit salads to choose from. The Umm Ali is heartily recommended – served warm and sweet, it is the perfect way to end a good meal.


The lunch buffet costs 35,000 IQD while the dinner buffet costs 45,000 IQD. Both are subject to 10% service charge.


So what is the end verdict? Well, with a great design and delicious food, what else do you need? Fenek restaurant in Sulaymaniyah’s Grand Millenium is a restaurant that will leave you feeling satisfied both in mind and body. So if you’re looking for a place to go with friends or family one day, then head to Fenek Restaurant for a fancy evening with a beautiful view, and with delicious food! You won’t be disappointed.

 By: Sanarya Firya