Kurdish Lean In; Get the Lean In Book and Make a Change

LeanIn You might’ve seen your friends or acquaintances hashtag ‘KurdsLeanIn’ on Facebook and twitter. You might have also wondered what the fuss is about and what it is you’re missing out on. Well, I am here to fill you in. A nonprofit organization by the name of Hiwa Foundation put together an evening to launch one of their recently translated books “Lean In.” A national best seller, Lean In was written and published by multimillionaire activist and author, Sheryl Sandberg in 2013.

The book has been translated into many languages, and for the first time ever, it has been translated into the Kurdish by Pasar Sherko Abdullah with a foreword by Nian Abdullah. The book stresses on women and their rights and duties in community, along with the challenges they face and lastly draws a conclusion to the problem. The title says it all – Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. It is a strong key to getting to understand the fundamental differences between men and women in society, and how they are over looked by everyone else and themselves. Sheryl addressed these issues with personal experiences that make it easier for the readers to relate to. The book is also available on iTunes–the first ever Kurdish book on iTunes. That evening, it was not only the celebration of Sheryl Sandberg’s book launch, but the celebration of Kurdish women and their achievements throughout the years. Women leaders all over the city: politicians, teachers, professors, poets, doctors, housewives, and so much more were all gathered under one roof to give all the focus to women, to share personal stories, to bring up struggles, to empower one another, to enlighten, and to innovate. Hiwa Foundation certainly did a successful job putting together such a remarkable night with the help of Zanraw Consulting and Awat Newspaper. It was a night full of hope, dedication, growth, enlightenment, and kindness. And for a whole night it was all about women. Now that’s not something that happens every night.


By: Lava B. Mahmood