The Odyssey


       Renowned as one of the most famous masterpieces of literature around the globe, The Odyssey is an epic poem that establishes the morals of patience and modesty in the heart of every reader. The Odyssey is about a king named Odysseus who tries to go back to his land “Ithaca” for almost twenty years. When he reaches his homeland he discovers that his wife is courted by many suitors. Odysseus is blood hurt about this so he makes a plan to kill the suitors, and with the help of his son and his loyal servants he accomplishes the task.


    Homer’s literary talent gave us an art piece that’s full of morals, messages, and themes. The most important of them is the theme of journey. Journey symbolizes learning something new for Odysseus, something that will help him have a better life. What is unique about Odysseus and distinguishes him from most of the characters in the poem is his cunning and wise nature, which is highly praised in the book. Yet he is a little egoistic, because he is blinded by his own pride. Through his journey he is tested until he reaches Ithaca, there he applies the lessons he has learned from his experiences. In addition, the Gods grant him glory over the suitors.


     The Odyssey is basically the experience of a man that is intended to teach us something of great value. Unfortunately, these morals are in decline these days. That’s why it’s highly necessary for us to appreciate and spread them. Many people can read, understand, and cherish books, but not everybody can make books of great moral value and try to teach them to other people. This is why it’s highly recommended to teach people something that will help them to obtain a better life. What makes The Odyssey an outstanding poem is its universal themes and motives that help in rejuvenating the morals and hearts of every reader so that he/she becomes an established member of the community.


       The Odyssey is a poem based on the grounds of patience, humility, loyalty, and wisdom, which serve as important aspects in the life of every human being in ancient and modern times. Surely this great accomplishment by Homer serves as one of the most mammoth literary works of modern and ancient literature in the world, and it’s highly recommended for everybody to indulge in and experience.


By: Mustafa Jawad