Working Together

Ever since the 15th of September this year, brutal attacks by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham) against the Kurdish city of Kobane in Syria on the borders of Turkey have taken place. The population of the city itself is estimated to be about 200,000. Yet – as of now- more than 120,000 people have been internally displaced – and therefore, have aimed at moving into Turkey as refugees.
The reasons as to why ISIS has started these attacks is clear in terms of the state they want to establish –and the increased power they want to gain – in both, Syria and Iraq. People of no gender or religion are spared in this bloody conflict – and the country they border – Turkey – has also made it all the more difficult in terms of providing aid and assistance.

The irony in the current situation is in how this all took place leading up to International Peace Day which was on September 21st. According to the United Nations (UN) Peace Day is officially declared to be on that day – and it has consecutively been celebrated for 32 years now.
One thing we need to clearly think about in light of the recent events that have sparked conflicts amongst nations is: how long will this go on for? Even though the current issue is affecting everyone in Iraq and this time the people of Kurdistan as well – we can still view divisions amongst the Kurds in specific. It’s ridiculous to see that an imminent threat such as ISIS cannot even bring together people who are facing the same issues. It’s true that the political parties have their differences, and the people of various ethnic backgrounds have their major differences – but one thing needs to be realized is that we may – and most probably will – cease to exist if we don’t put aside our differences when facing this extremist group that threatens the well being of all citizens alike.
International Peace Day has passed and the situation has only gotten. We need to think about acting as one unit – no matter what religion, ethnicity, and beliefs – because if we don’t, then because of these small differences – generations will be affected and more innocent people will die. It’s something we can avoid witnessing if only we could come together and act as one.


By: Azheen Ihsan Fuad