Current Family Members


Amir M. Ashour

Amir is an optimistic, activist, and a believer in humanity and being a worldwide citizen. He is passionate about volunteering, and enjoys life. He worked and volunteered for many organizations including Nature Iraq, Heartland Alliance and STEP. He’s currently working for MADRE as the “Iraq Human Rights Consultant”. Amir first joined Awat family as the Features page editor, and now he is the President of the newspaper


Bery Majeed

Bery is from Slemani, Kurdistan, and was born on July of 1993. She has been working at Awat for two years, and prior to Awat she has had experience writing for other newspapers, including a school paper and local papers. She is an engineering student at the American University of Iraq – Sulaimani, and writes as a hobby. She believes writing can make a difference and she works at Awat because she believes it is a platform where the youth can make a difference through their writing. Bery first started with Awat as the deputy editor in chief, and now she’s the editor in chief.

Deputy Editor

Arsh L. Omar

Arsh is an undergraduate at the American University of Iraq – Sulaimani (AUIS). He has recently been elected as the Awat newspaper’s deputy editor after having the position of Web Editor and Graphics Editor for two years. In addition, Arsh is a designer and an amateur photographer.

People’s Page Editor:

Banu Ibrahim Ali

Banu is from the city of Sulaimany. She is an Information Technology Graduate at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimany. She works as the Web Master for Awat Newspaper since 2010. She is an IYLEP 2009 (Iraqi Young Leader Exchange Program) and Seliger 2010 Alumni. She is also one of the organizers of Startup Weekend Slemani. She has been the web master for Awat for more than two years.

Social Media Officer:

Hayder Ahmed Al Shakeri


Hayder was born in Baghdad and lived there for the first 18 years of his life. He is a proud graduate of the famous Baghdad College High School. After getting accepted into The University of Baghdad – College of Medicine he realized that being a physician is not his passion. Hayder applied and got accepted to the American University of Beirut where he is studying Public Administration now and hopes to use his degree to help his country back on its feet. Hayder helps in managing social media outlets for Awat Newspaper and he is a dedicated volunteer for different organization in different parts of the world.

Layout Designer:

Safe Muhammad

Safe is a graphic designer, volunteer, designer and editor at Hawlati Newspaper. In addition to that he is also the technical officer at Medicure Company for medical drugs & laboratory. Safe joined Awat family a few months ago as the layout designer.

Events Coordination Officer:

Shad Farhad

Shad is an undergraduate student majoring in general engineering at the American University of Iraq- Sulaimani. His goals in the newspaper are to spread voluntary and non-profit work and to raise awareness in different areas of life through Awat. Shad is currently the events coordination officer for Awat newspaper.

Distribution and Outreach Manager:

Aree J. Majeed

Aree is an undergraduate student majoring in Law, he envisions a bright future for Kurdish youth and Kurdistan, and trying to implement his vision through Awat newspaper. Aree is the distributing and outreach manager of the newspaper.


Hersh S. Abdullah

Hersh was born in Kurdistan on July 11, 1990. He is a Business Management Administration student at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani. He’s worked on the Kurdish issue, last summer, he gave a speech entitled “Kurdistan Yesterday, Genocide, and Kurdistan today” in the Portland State University (PSU). Later on, he went to Boston, MA and presented his project “Rising International Awareness about Kurdish Genocide” in Harvard University. He is a lecturer and a writer. He thinks even if your actions are little, they are still counted; thus make a difference. He is the editor of one of the editorial pages of Awat Newspaper.

Meer Ako Ali


Meer is a Kurdish columnist with polymath aspirations, volunteerism passions, and photography side-skills. He co-founded Awat Newspaper with a vision of independent journalism and youth democracy. Meer is currently a MEPI Scholar in the American University of Beirut, a social media guru, and the features page editor of Awat News after working as editor in chief for 2 years.

Shena Qaradaghi


Shena is an undergraduate student at the University of Slemani majoring in Pharmacy. She enjoys writing, volunteering, playing basketball, and baking. She is the treasurer of Vision, a nonprofit organization. In addition to that she also teaches at the Classical School of Medes. Shena has been the Entertainment page editor of Awat for more than two years now.

Arez Taha


Arez is an undergraduate at AUIS with a passion for serving his people and bringing change to his land through volunteerism. He wants to help set Awat as an example of what the spirit of volunteerism and team-work can achieve. Arez first started with Awat as Editorial page editor, and now contributing to Awat as the rotating editor.

Safa Fadhil Al-Sultani


Safa holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. She is a believer in the Iraqi people and their ability to preserve their great civilization and achieve even more, yet this would be accomplished only through educating and enriching ourselves. Safa sees AWAT as a direct channel to connect and enhance communication between the Iraqi people to accomplish this goal.