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The Power of Thought

Have you ever contemplated how powerful the thoughts that occupy your mind really are? … “You are what you think.” It may just be one of the most hauntingly true clichés of the… Continue reading

Overwhelming Aspect of Teaching in Kurdish Culture

  Teaching should go beyond giving advice. Teachers, as well as giving guidance, should provide a warm, encouraging, comfortable environment where humor, supportive feedback, lesson planning, regular meeting with parents, and checking progress… Continue reading

A Life Without a Cause is a Life Without an Effect

A few days ago, I saw a post on one of my friends’ wall on Facebook saying, “I was born to die.” A negative status like that is definitely one of the biggest… Continue reading

The Nestlé Formula Scandal in Iraq

Don’t forget the milk!         Humanitarian aid comes in a lot of ways, some of which are not as sincere as they claim to be. One of the vilest humanitarian relief fiascos is the… Continue reading

138 Cases of Rape

Originally published on According to the annual report issued by the Women’s Legal Assistance Organization (WOLA) at a press conference, there were 138 cases of rape in the Iraqi Kurdistan in 2013.… Continue reading

The Rise of Kurdish Social Media Use

         Every Kurd undoubtedly has that friend (or many, actually!) on Instagram with a bio that states: ‘Kurd and Proud’, as if being a Kurd has a negative connotation in which admitting… Continue reading

On Kurdish Poetry and Inspiration

               One who appreciates the beauty of a language would make a craft out of it. The greatness of any language is unleashed by beautiful poetry. Poetry, the ones which sing to our hearts… Continue reading

The cost of KRG oil – how long can we stay silent?

When Kurds liberated the Kurdistan region in 1991, the previous regime left them two previously-discovered oil fields intact: Taq Taq in Koye and Tawqe in Zakho.  The former was situated in the ‘green’… Continue reading

Graveyard Shopping: On Separation and Copping in the Informal Sector

      Kurds have been visiting their dead every week for hundreds of years. But only recently have they started graveyard shopping, reflecting the people’s learned ability to move on despite tragedy.       Kurds respect their… Continue reading

Italy Seeks to Tighten Ties with the KRG

      When I first moved to the Kurdistan Region I was confronted with a familiar rhetoric, one that sought to liken Kurdish culture to the Italian one. From a mutual love of… Continue reading