Movie Review Buckle up for one of this year’s most fun and exciting racing adventures, “Turbo”! This 3D computer-animated film is produced by Dreamworks Animation, distributed by 20th Century Fox and based on… Continue reading

The World Kurdish Congress 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.

On the 11th to the 13th of October this year, organized in partnership with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the 3rd World Kurdish Congress was conducted. This year there was an overwhelming number… Continue reading

The 2nd Duhok International Film Festival

The 2nd edition of the Duhok International Film Festival took place from October. 9th – 16th /2013 – eight days of international innovative cinema and valuable Kurdish cinematographic stories was presented throughout the… Continue reading

Beri Shelmashi: Directing “Heart on Fire”

1.    What is  ‘Heart on Fire’ about? ‘Heart on Fire’ is a film about the prejudgments we have when we see someone “different” walking down the street. We think we can judge someone’s… Continue reading

UN Chapter 7 and Iraq

Almost all of the world’s countries have faced critical problems hastening their development and growth, yet many of them overcame such issues and nevertheless grew significantly. However, not all citizens are aware of… Continue reading

Startup Weekend Baghdad

“I am privileged to have been a part of dozens of Startup Weekend events around the world, and I can easily say this was my favorite event” expressed Mr. Sheikh Shuvo, Startup Weekend Regional Facilitator.… Continue reading

Chalak’s Place

Now open on Slemani’s most popular Salem Street, Chalak Café is the new cool place to go in town, and has been open now for a few months. The venue used to be… Continue reading

A Bright Future for Iraqi Football

As the FIFA Under-20 World Cup came to a close, Iraq surprisingly emerged as one of the brightest in the tournament, despite France’s victory in the final. After a string of sensational results,… Continue reading

Awat News

$35 Billion Shopping Mall in Baghdad The Baghdad Investment Commission (BIC) invested $35 billion in one of the country biggest shopping malls.  The mall is located in the Al-Mansoor area and it houses… Continue reading

Intro to Natural Gas and Pipelines

Russian Helicopters in Iraq October 2012 Iraq signed a contract with Russia to import Russian helicopters to Iraq. This $4bn contract actually began to be implemented in a very short period of time,… Continue reading